Costco is Here!

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The Pastor’s wife and I talked ourselves into going to Costco opening weekend. What were we thinking???!!! Actually we had a blast, but boy was it crowded! Welcome Costco! Nagoya has been waiting for you very patiently… The first three … Continued

My New Hymnbook Cover!

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In July some friends and I went to a craft fair.  At the craft fair I picked up two leather book covers.  Unfortunately leather working is not my specialty so like all wise people I mailed them to mom.  She … Continued

Craft Fair

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This week I went to a craft fair with the Pastor’s wife and a friend who has been bringing her daughter to some of the church outreach events.  The convention hall was packed, but I was the only Westerner in … Continued

Life in Japan

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There are times when I think Japan is really a cool place to live. In Japan there are about a zillion vending machines and I saw the new summer cola flavors have been introduced. Every year companies test new flavors … Continued


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These are some recent photos of our city, Nagoya. TV Tower (with Tobin) is a famous landmark and I was struck by its beauty all lit up. The view of the city was actually taken from the 6th floor of … Continued

Election Time

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It is election time again in Japan! Since living here we have already had three different prime ministers. Although many are apathetic to elections (and we can’t vote) these elections really do affect our lives. Please pray God would bless … Continued

Date Night

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Tonight we were able to go out for a date night thanks to Michael’s parents. Elisabeth also joined us this time as we trying out a place called Shooters. Our friends have all said it is the closest thing to … Continued