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Today Michael and I were able to go on a lunch date with Elisabeth. I insisted on Denny’s because I had never been to one in Japan. Michael warned me, but I didn’t listen. It is nothing like the American … Continued

Preschool PTA Gathering

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It still amazes us that preschool has a Parent Teacher Association! Today we had one of the teacher’s father speak to us. He is a long term missionary in Thailand. Most families who attend the preschool are not Christian so … Continued

Aichi Gakuin University

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Today is a preview day where neighbors can tour the new university around where we live. The university opens in April. We have watched the university be constructed as we take Tobin to school. We are quite impressed with the … Continued


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Michael’s comment, “You are one of them!” It’s true that when I caught a cold this week I felt in necessary to wear a mask to the supermarket. I am becoming one of them!

Visa Renewal

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Today we had to go to immigration to start the process for our visa renewal. It is a bit far from our house but close to a really cool indoor play place. After the immigration office, which was a bit … Continued

Language Learning

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I am continuing to study Japanese at our local government office. I feel as though I will study Japanese for a life time!! Today was my teacher’s last class so we took a quick picture. Unfortunately my teacher was recovering … Continued


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It doesn’t snow often and last year it didn’t snow at all.  We were so excited to look out the window and see this view.  We were thinking activities would be canceled, but no way.  We learned Japanese are serious … Continued

Only in Japan

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A tag in one of E’s clothing.  Name and blood type.  Only in Japan! **Blood type is very important in Japan and used in personality testing and like a horoscope.