Nagoya Parade

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Today and tomorrow are the “Nagoya Festival,” aka parade. It was fun to watch with the girls the various floats. We haven’t seen crowds like this in years due to Corona. It felt more normal and was a fun excursion. … Continued

Parakaleo Japan

Check out Cathalain’s interview on her experience with Parakaleo Asia Pacific! We pray for this ministry and Cathalain hopes to help grow this ministry to be an encouragement to all the Pastor’s wives in Japan who often have little to … Continued

Nagoya Summer

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Nothing says summer like sumos and cicadas. Next to A’s nursery school one stable is practicing for the Nagoya tournament. Every summer sumos battle it out for 15 days in Nagoya. On my way home from taking A, I often … Continued


Our church was supposed to head out of town together for fellowship since it is a National Holiday. Unfortunately not many folks could participate so we changed plans and hosted a BBQ at the Nagoya Ministry Center. The day ended … Continued