Sport’s Day

This is a picture of the Kid’s Sport’s Day at their Japanese Pre-School.  It turned out a fellow missionary’s parents were also in town helping out.  The crazy part is our parents go back many many years and worked in … Continued

Madeline Helen Carter

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Madeline “Maddie” Helen Carter January 17 @ 4:37pm 4108g She has arrived…9 days early! Mom and Baby are healthy. Praise God for such a wonderful blessing!!

Pre-School Field Day

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Every year T’s pre-school/kindergarten hosts a field day.  All three years plus elementary school brothers and sisters participate.  It is an awesome time of fellowship and a great time to connect with the other families at the school.  Because the … Continued

Farmer Friends

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Fruit in Japan is expensive.  Maybe except for bananas, but probably compared to the homeland bananas are also expensive.  This year we have been blessed by friends who have very generously given us fruit or bought fruit when they were … Continued


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Today Michael and I were able to go on a lunch date with Elisabeth. I insisted on Denny’s because I had never been to one in Japan. Michael warned me, but I didn’t listen. It is nothing like the American … Continued