Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for the Seminary to help train and equip national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for the church planting work in our Presbytery (Currently there is one church plant and research being done for a second church plant in our neighboring prefecture!)
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The CBI Team

  • CBI leadership is going through some transitions.  Pray for this Fall as leaders are starting this transition!
  • Pray for the publishing arm of CBI ministries.  Recently a book by Ed Welch was translated and 10,000 copies arrived in last week.  Pray as these will be sent throughout Japan.
  • Pray for those stranded in America due to Covid.  Pray visas would come through quickly and they would finally be able to return!

The Carters – October 2021

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God to be glorified as we continue to worship as a vision team each week.  Pray as starting in October we will start discussing the meaning of the church plant’s vision and specifics of how it relates to the specifics of our church. Pray for wisdom, good discussions and ultimately unity in the Gospel as we work through the many aspects of starting a church together.
  • Pray for the Pastor’s in our Presbytery.  Many are discouraged an Covid tired.  Also pray as over six churches in our denomination are without a Pastor and no one is available to fill them.  Pray for leaders to rise up within the church!
  • Praise God for the job God provided Cathalain and how she loves being back in a high school setting part-time.  Continue to pray for her ability to communicate and teach well as well as opportunities to build relationships with her students.
  • Pray as the second trimester started for our children.  Pray for them to transition well, their relationships with friends, and for the Gospel to grow in their own hearts!Prayer Team