Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for the Seminary to help train and equip national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for the church planting work in our Presbytery (Currently there is one church plant and research being done for a second church plant in our neighboring prefecture!)
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The CBI Team

The Carters – May 2023

  • Praise God for the official launch of Nagoya Central Church!
  • Pray for all of us preaching to be faithful to the text. Pray for our own hearts as we seek to apply the Scriptures personally. Pray for those who come, that the Holy Spirit would work in their hearts.
  • Although we have launched we still have a lot left of little things left to do. For example, finalizing Phase 1 of the website, a welcome pamphlet for new people, signage for outside, etc. Pray for the design and marketing team as they finalize these materials.
  • Pray for the new families who have come to our church over the past year. Pray for hearts to be changed in those who are not yet Christians and for Christians to faithfully and joyfully walk with the Lord.
  • We are multicultural vision team trying to create a church plant to reach Japanese.  This is quite challenging at times.  Please pray for wisdom as I am making decisions pertaining to Nagoya Central Church. Pray as I listen to many different opinions to discern which way God is leading us.  Pray for unity amongst the vision team.  
  • Pray as we have quite a few interns/short-termers coming this summer.  We are excited to host/co-host interns throughout the summer.  Pray as we prepare for them and the work they will be doing. (More updates to come in the next few months!)
  • Pray for C as she in on the PTA of the pre-school and elementary school, while also serving with our local Neighborhood Children’s Group. Pray for wisdom, relationships, and connections within the community through these roles.
  • Pray for a national Pastor to come along and partner with the church plant.  Our job is to work ourselves out of a job.  We are actively praying and desiring a Pastor to come alongside the church plant.  Pray for God’s provision and timing.

Prayer Team