Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for two churches to be planted in the next five years within Nagoya and surrounding areas
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The Nagoya Church-Planting Team

  • Pray for our Japanese churches transition to worshiping via live stream.  Pray for wisdom on when to open up churches and start regular programs.
  • Pray for the Higashiyama Grace Community.  After much consideration the Japanese National Pastor decided not to renew his contract this year.  Therefore after much prayer the team has decided to close the church plant.  Pray for the missionaries involved in this work for clear direction for their future. Pray for Pastor Yoshimura as he seeks God’s direction for the future. Pray for our team as we work with a third party to see what our team did well in this church plant and what we could’ve done better.  Help us make changes for when we start our next church plant.
  • Pray for the Newsome Family, our team leader, as they are back in America for HMA.  Pray as Kaji, a Japanese seminary student/intern, will be taking on added responsibilities at Nisshin Church.
  • Pray for the Jensen Family as they are back in America for HMA. Ben was recently approved to become the Nagoya Team Assistant Team Leader.  Pray as they are leading our team’s recruitment effort.  Pray they would connect with others interested in coming to Japan.
  • Pray for Peter Bakelaar as he is developing an Art’s Ministry in Nagoya.  Recently he was awarded to prestigious awards for his own art in recent competitions.  He also has recently had many opportunities to mentor other Christian artist.  Pray as he consults with our church plant on how to incorporate arts in the beginning stages of church planting…

The Carters – April 2020

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for wisdom as we try to think through our time in America.
  • Pray for Maddie and Tobin’s passports to be processed quickly.  Pray for Maddie to be granted a visa and pray our visas would not be canceled.
  • Pray as we help the Carters pack and move into a rental house.  Pray for wisdom on when it is safe to head down to Florida.
  • Pray for the many routine medical check-ups we need, Elisabeth to be able to be evaluated by a speech therapist and for our children to be evaluated education wise.
  • Pray as Cathalain is trying to help launch the new English Program year in Japan from America.  Pray for the staff in Japan and the new teachers.  Pray ultimately we could reflect to these 60+ students and their families God’s love for them.
  • Prayer for my sermon preparation time. Pray I would be faithful to presenting Christ in the text, for my translation and the time it takes to translate, and for my Japanese tutor who helps check and teach me how to write more naturally as we work in different countries.
  • Pray as we continue to work towards launching a new church in downtown Nagoya! Pray especially as we seek another Japanese staff member/Pastor to help lead our church plant in conjunction with Shiga Church!Prayer Team