Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for the Seminary to help train and equip national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for the church planting work in our Presbytery (Currently there is one church plant and research being done for a second church plant in our neighboring prefecture!)
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The CBI Team

  • Pray for graduation to take place in March 2022.  Much wisdom is needed in how to best hold graduation amid Corona limitations.  Also pray for the four students planning to begin studying in April.  This year many seminaries across Japan saw zero applicants.  CBI is blessed to have four new students, but we desire for many many more to be raised up for vocational ministry in Japan.  Pray for more to be called towards vocational ministry.
  • Pray for the publishing arm of CBI ministries.  Recently a book by Ed Welch was translated and 10,000 copies arrived in last week.  Pray as these will be sent throughout Japan.
  • Praise God that “The Gospel Centered Life” has also been printed in Japanese.  Our Church Plant is already starting the study in our women’s group.  We are excited as this is a great resource for discipleship and for small groups.
  • Pray for those stranded in America due to Covid.  Pray visas would come through quickly and they would finally be able to return!

The Carters – March 2022

Prayer Requests – Recently we have seen a sudden spike in Covid cases at record levels in our area…

  • Pray for the church plant.  The vision team continues to meet on-line and is discussing how to launch in April. There are many decisions needing made in March.  Please pray for wisdom and unity.  Also praise the Lord that M was able to ask someone to cover for him on very short notice when he became sick.  Many pastors in Japan don’t have anyone they can ask for help and we were reminded of how blessed we are to have co-laborer in Christ who seek to see this church started and for many to come to Christ.  This is such an encouragement to us after feeling alone for many years.
  • Ms. L, whom we mentioned in our last newsletter, joined C’s small group on Zoom for the first time in months. The group had a powerful discussion about where faith comes from and the vulnerability of the group was deepened even further.  We have prayed for these three women, young in their faith, and are encouraged by how God is revealing himself to these ladies.  All have been thankful for the group and eager to study the Scriptures more and more.
  • Praise God for our health.  We are so thankful A bounced back from Covid so quickly and that C has recovered.  Pray for Michael’s body to heal.  Pray for us to receive the news from the health department with open hearts and trust God’s plan for our family.
  • Praise God for the patience and endurance of our children in such unfavorable circumstances.  The other night two of our children couldn’t think of any negative things or “low points” in their day.  This is God’s grace and mercy.  Pray I would have patience as I single parent for an undetermined amount of time.  Pray we would relish the time as a family and find moments of laughter and joy. Pray for when we do transition back to finish the school year this month. Transitions are very hard on our children and they have been out of routine, which is vital for stability.  Pray as they end the school year and God to bless them with favorable teachers and friends in their classes starting in April.
  • Praise God for the many Japanese and missionary friends who have cared for our family.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragements from afar.  These truly sustain us and reorient us to keep trusting and believing in this great God we serve.
  • Praise God as this month we will celebrate our eleventh year in Japan as a family.  (M came to Japan as an intern 19 years ago!)  We are excited to see God’s church built and encouraged by many seeking to grow in their faith.  Praise God for his sustaining grace in our lives and ministry.

Prayer Team