Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for the Seminary to help train and equip national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for the church planting work in our Presbytery (Currently there is one church plant and research being done for a second church plant in our neighboring prefecture!)
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The CBI Team

  • Pray for the many heading to their home country for either the beginning of HMA or for a six week summer visit.  Pray for all the challenges within transitioning and for families to transition well.
  • Pray for the publishing arm of CBI ministries.  Recently a book by Ed Welch was translated and 10,000 copies arrived in last week.  Pray as these will be sent throughout Japan.
  • Praise God that “The Gospel Centered Life” has also been printed in Japanese.  Our Church Plant is already starting the study in our women’s group.  We are excited as this is a great resource for discipleship and for small groups.

The Carters – July 2022

  • Our church plant has officially launched!  We still have so much planning left due to Covid setbacks, but we have started inviting friends to worship.  Please pray for wisdom in when to do an official “grand opening” (probably January?) and pray for all those who are now visiting.
  • Pray as we continue to work on branding for our new church plant, ironing out details, and continuing to meet at a vision team.
  • Praise the Lord for a great first trimester for our English program.  Both our Japanese staff have faithfully taught the Bible and we had another child request a Bible to take home and read.  We are grateful to another missionary who has taught three classes each week at the Shiga location.  Pray as we rest this summer and gear up for the second trimester in September.
  • Pray as we have a new part time staff person helping with music ministry and we are expecting a short term intern hopefully by January.  She was approved in May and will be heading to training in June.  Pray as she support raises that her funds would come in quickly.  We would love if God saw fit for her to come this Fall!
  • Pray for all the missionaries traveling.  Pray as many are visiting churches and taking time to rest and relax with family.  Pray for the children of missionaries and for the marriages as typically these are high stress times.  Pray for those left behind to be content and feel the Lord’s comfort when they deeply long to be “home” too.
  • Pray for all the visitors we have had come to the church plant.  Continue to pray for another national Pastor and someone to lead worship.
  • Pray for my sermon preparation time. Pray I would be faithful to present Christ in the text, for my translation and the time it takes to translate, and for my Japanese tutor who helps check and teach me how to write more naturally. Pray as I try some new preparation methods this summer.

Prayer Team