Summer English – Part 2

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This time we did a collage project based on the children’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?” The kids were super creative! We discussed how when God created the world people were “very good” and how we … Continued

Summer English – Part 1

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This summer we are hosting various summer events. One is a series of “Creation Themed” English programs. Today was the first time, and we built/created with legos. We learned about the creation story and how God created everything in 6 … Continued

Easter 2023

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Our Easter Outreach was so encouraging.  We worshipped, went to the park for an egg hunt, had a Potluck and played games after the Potluck.  We held the egg hunt at the park and quite a few kids playing at … Continued

MTW Women’s Retreat

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Every 2-3 years MTW has tried to host a women’s retreat for all the women in Asia, but due to Corona we haven’t been able to have a retreat since 2016!  These retreats are Cathalain’s favorite MTW sponsored event.  She was able … Continued

Covenant’s Mission Conference

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For two weeks I was able to return to America for the Covenant’s mission conference. We are so thankful for the time we could have with everyone updating about our ministry in Japan.

NCC Bible Study

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After church there is a Bible Study for those interested in learning more about the Bible. For many participants it is the first time they have studied the Bible. We are excited for those participating and pray for the Holy … Continued