Christmas and KFC

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We were reminded by a friend of this popular tradition at Christmas time in Japan. It’s really interesting to us considering Americans don’t tend to be too crazy about KFC!

Happy New Year!

New Year traditions are very strong in Japan.  In America there is much celebrating with friends, however in Japan New Years is more of a family holiday rooted in deep Buddhist and Shinto traditions.  It starts with the temples ringing … Continued

Okazaki Christmas Party

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Every year it has become a tradition to go to our friend’s Christmas Party in Okazaki. Cathalain normally plays guitar, although this year she also sang a solo, and I share a message about the “True Meaning of Christmas.” Our … Continued

Butter Crisis!?

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At first when some of our friends told us about this we thought this was a bit silly.  Then we realized the one time of year we NEED butter is coming up.  Every year for our Christmas Dinner Outreach butter … Continued

Farmer Friends

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Fruit in Japan is expensive.  Maybe except for bananas, but probably compared to the homeland bananas are also expensive.  This year we have been blessed by friends who have very generously given us fruit or bought fruit when they were … Continued