Aging Population

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Time and again we have read articles in the newspaper about Japan’s aging population. The Wall Street Journal has put together some interesting pieces on this topic. A friend passed along this link which we thought we should share. TOKYO—At … Continued

Japan Partnership Conference

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Do you have an interest in the mission work in Japan? Are you currently a financial or prayer partner to a missionary in Japan? Does your church partner with any missionaries in Japan?  Are you curious about what God is … Continued

Butter Crisis!?

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At first when some of our friends told us about this we thought this was a bit silly.  Then we realized the one time of year we NEED butter is coming up.  Every year for our Christmas Dinner Outreach butter … Continued

Sex Trafficking in Japan

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This is a link to a recent article in the largest English newspaper in Japan. Sex trafficking is a serious issue and this only sheds light on part of the problem.  Pray for these girls and pray for the Gospel … Continued

Views of Nagoya

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A friend who was visiting in January took some pictures of Nagoya from one of the highest observation decks in Nagoya. It is amazing how large our city really is!


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These are some recent photos of our city, Nagoya. TV Tower (with Tobin) is a famous landmark and I was struck by its beauty all lit up. The view of the city was actually taken from the 6th floor of … Continued

Kid’s Gospel Finale

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Kid’s Gospel Week ended on Friday, but Saturday a performance was given for friends and family. After the performance the Church is transformed into a Summer Festival with various game booths, food booths, and even the annual “Running of the … Continued

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

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In response to the triple disaster last year Lucy Walker created an award winning short film entitled The Tsunami and the the Cherry Blossom. The official site of the film is: This is an interesting depiction of the disaster … Continued