Sex Trafficking in Japan

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This is a link to a recent article in the largest English newspaper in Japan. Sex trafficking is a serious issue and this only sheds light on part of the problem.  Pray for these girls and pray for the Gospel to transform society so all Japanese find their identity and worth in Christ, not their circumstances.  Pray these girls see they are worthy and loved by someone more important then any human being, the Creator of the Universe!

Notorious ‘JK’ Business Exploits Teenage Girls – Japan Times

Seventeen-year-old Momo shrugs and says she was aware of the dangers when she decided to join other girls in Tokyo’s Akihabara district handing out racy fliers to male passers-by and flashing them coquettish smiles.

The school girl knew men would occasionally try to talk her into sexual activities. She even knew that she might be assaulted.

Nonetheless, she willingly put herself in harm’s way. With a wry smile, Momo said if a rapist had attacked her, she wouldn’t have minded.

“I was so depressed at the time that I didn’t mind (being raped) if that’s what a guy needed me for,” said Momo, who asked to be identified by a pseudonym rather than her real name.

“I was desperate. And if sex was all it took to make me stop feeling so worthless, I thought I was game for anything.”

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