Kid’s Gospel Finale

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Kid’s Gospel Week ended on Friday, but Saturday a performance was given for friends and family. After the performance the Church is transformed into a Summer Festival with various game booths, food booths, and even the annual “Running of the … Continued

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

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In response to the triple disaster last year Lucy Walker created an award winning short film entitled The Tsunami and the the Cherry Blossom. The official site of the film is: This is an interesting depiction of the disaster … Continued

Pop Culture In Japan – AKB48

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In Japan AKB48 is one of the leading pop groups. There are 100+ members in the group and the groups are comprised of everyday ordinary Japanese girls. These videos are an interview, done by CNN, with the creator of the … Continued

Preparing for Christ

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Japan is interesting in the fact that even though less then 0.5% are professing Christians they LOVE to celebrate Christmas. The day after Halloween all the stores become filled with Christmas apparel and decorations. I was shocked when I walked … Continued

Fall in Okazaki

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In Virginia we would revel in the beauty of the fall leaves. Typically this would occur around the 23 of October. In Japan we were surprised to see how beautiful the leaves are, but instead of occurring in October it … Continued

Learning the Culture – Part 2 of 3

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During out two week break from language school a Japanese friend suggested we visit the Okazaki (the town we live) Castle and eat at a famous tofu restaurant on the grounds. As we toured I was saddened with how distant … Continued

Learning the Culture – Part 1 of 3

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At our school there is an annual “matsuri” or festival held. It is a time of games, speech contests, food, entertainment and really an opportunity to enjoy time together.  (A “matsuri” is typically an annual event held in all towns/schools … Continued

Trip to Gamagori

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This past weekend we went to Gamagori with some Japanese friends. Our family benefited from a company discount and appreciated such wonderful guides. We stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel/onsen (Japanese hot tub.) On Saturday we toured Takashima Island which … Continued