Vision Time – Online

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Due to corona restrictions our vision time has moved online. Pray as we would like to launch in April, but time is of the essence and the new Corona restrictions are limiting our ability to gather in person!

English 3Q

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We met in person for the first week of English, but with the sudden spike in Corona cases we were forced online. Although it isn’t ideal our parents have expressed so much appreciation that we are continuing online. Pray for … Continued

Merry Christmas

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We’re in the “golden years” of Christmas. Our kids love the build up to Christmas, they love the traditions surrounding Christmas, they love the hymns we sing and to hear their squeal of joy after opening bandaids and snacks and … Continued

CBI Christmas

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Today our team gathered to reflect on Christmas and held a gift exchange. Although many weren’t around there were still quite a few in town. Please pray as one of the members of our team on HMA recently had an … Continued

English Christmas

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This year we held Christmas parties during our last English classes (10 classes and 8 parties total) and did a party for friends the week after classes finished at our church planting location. We were encouraged that over the years … Continued

Different Kinds of Colors…

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This coming week the Ministry Center will be hosting the “Different Kinds of Colors, Different Kinds of People” exhibition. The featured artist is a fifth grade autistic girl whose family are members of our mother church. The family is Korean … Continued