A First Sermon

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This past week the seminarian attending our church preached for the first time at our church.  He was diligent in his preparation, but you could tell he was nervous preaching in front of his seminary professors, our mother church pastor and myself.  I reminded him a few days before that no one was here to judge or evaluate him, but to just faithfully preach the Gospel and all would be okay.  Today we faithfully listened to him preach the Gospel and he was an encouragement to us all!  Continue to pray for this seminarian as he has finals in the coming week and in March will finish out his second of a three year program.  Pray for a call for after seminary and for our church to be an encouragement and support to him and his wife.  We hope to be a church that encourages and helps training and equipping seminarians.  Pray God would provide more seminarians to join our work! 

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