Our First Day

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Today we started the day with a walk to the Post Office to withdraw yen from our bank account. The Post Office has the best ATM’s because they don’t charge a service fee. We then met up with our team leader to get insurance/registration for the car we purchased in December. Unfortunately our car had been parked for so long it needed a new battery. (If you remember we purchased our 2004 VW Passat for $350! Awesome deal!) The battery for the car cost $450! Just one example of how things are differently priced compared to America.

Please pray for the remaining transition needs we have left. We are still waiting on our visa and once we can transition visas we will buy cell phones, open bank accounts, etc.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

First Purchase
First Purchase for Cathalain in Japan

  1. Kim Craven

    I remember my first Coke in PNG tasting a little different, but nothing major.

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