Cooking Class

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We had our first cooking class in the new location near our target church planting area. We had a great time and the new location was perfect. Pray for these women and if you have recipes I can teach please … Continued

English BBQ

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Every year we do an English BBQ for our kids and students. This year we were able to have the BBQ at the local park. Since you can’t technically BBQ at this park we had all the dads grill everything … Continued

Cherry Blossoms

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The cherry blossoms are so beautiful and such a gift. Today we rejoice over creation and Praise God that we had the opportunity to witness such beauty.

Setting up House

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We are very pleased with our new home.  As with any adjustments we are still trying to settle so we made our traditional trips to Costco and Ikea.  Thank goodness we have a mini van this time around!  (Do you … Continued

Japan’s State of Missions

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This is an excellent infographic on the state of missions in Japan.  We are hoping to compare this information with our own agency’s stats, MTW, when we return to the field. For the complete article link here.

Aging Population

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Time and again we have read articles in the newspaper about Japan’s aging population. The Wall Street Journal has put together some interesting pieces on this topic. A friend passed along this link which we thought we should share. TOKYO—At … Continued