Persecuted Church

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Today and next Sunday (11/13) are International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Did you know, “One in seven Christians live in a place where they face a high level of persecution for their faith!”

Nagoya Parade

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Today and tomorrow are the “Nagoya Festival,” aka parade. It was fun to watch with the girls the various floats. We haven’t seen crowds like this in years due to Corona. It felt more normal and was a fun excursion. … Continued

CBI Retreat

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The CBI Team held a retreat from September 16-18 (it ended a day early since a super typhoon was headed our way.) Unfortunately, our family couldn’t make it, but they were able to take a group photo. Most of the … Continued

Parakaleo Japan

Check out Cathalain’s interview on her experience with Parakaleo Asia Pacific! We pray for this ministry and Cathalain hopes to help grow this ministry to be an encouragement to all the Pastor’s wives in Japan who often have little to … Continued