Halloween in Japan

Lately Halloween has become quite popular in Japan. No one goes trick or treating and so it made us to ponder how do Japanese celebrate Halloween? After talking with a lot of people they really said for the most part people buy decorations, but don’t really celebrate. It seems it has become a day for adults to dress up and party, not children. Our local doctor’s office passed out candy, but the doctor himself was so scary that I didn’t think T could handle it and so we didn’t go.

An expat group I belong do did hold a large Halloween event with games, story time, trick or treating, and chaos. It was a lot of fun since this is really the first year T understands dressing up in a costume.




We decided for the Pre-School English class to take a break from the regular curriculum since a lot of kids couldn’t make it. We had our own fall festival of sorts. We played games, did a few crafts, read books, and even had the kids go around to different doors in the church to receive candy and prizes. It was a fun time and a great way to introduce an American tradition.



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