Nagashi Somen – The Running of the Noodles

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Our language school, Yamasa, held an end of the summer event for students. Many students gathered for Nagashi Somen, Watermelon Bust, and finally Fireworks. It is summertime indeed in Japan! We decided to go the event as a family and Tobin was really the big hit after he warmed up to everyone.

Nagashi Somen is where noodles are dropped into a bamboo ramp flowing with water. People lining the edges of the bamboo ramp use chopsticks to catch the noodles and put them in the bowl with a sauce. Once you get the hang of catching the noodles and find the best location along the ramp it is a really fun time. Towards the end our teacher also dropped down cherry tomatoes. There was no way our chopstick usage was good enough to catch those!

After having our fill of noodles we moved onto dessert. People took turns trying to bust a watermelon while blindfolded. It’s always fun to watch people walk around with a large stick blind folded. Some folks are actually quite impressive with the accuracy.

To end the evening every let of fireworks and had sparklers. Of course this thrilled Tobin.

Events like these are great for creating community within our school and practicing Japanese. Fun times at Yamasa!

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