Costco and Friends

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Today I was able to go with two language school friends and venture to the new Costco in Kyoto. For us Costco is a 2.5 hour+ drive with very expensive tolls, around $100 round trip. (My friends and I also did some sightseeing, which I will post in a separate posting.)

Costco is really “little America” and it is such a blessing to find cheese, turkey, and other items we just can’t buy elsewhere.  The prices are around 50% off regular grocery stores so worth the quarterly trip!

The surprising observation is how little the Japanese buy.  The store was PACKED yet the Japanese would leave with maybe 5-6 items at max.  When eating pizza it was easy to spot my cart in the sea of carts.  The checkout ladies who were loading my cart kept apologizing because they struggled to make it all fit.  I just smiled and enjoyed feeling very American!


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