Another Quarter Complete

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This week we finished our 4th quarter in language school!! At the end of every quarter the class goes out to eat together. This time our classes went to Okinomiyaki. There really is no food in America to compare it too. The mixture is made up of meat and veggies within a pancake like batter. There is a grill at the center of the table where you cook the mixture and after 3 minutes flip the ingredients like a pancake. The video below shows me trying to flip my okinomiyaki. I wasn’t too successful.

We now have two weeks of Spring Break ahead of us. This week we are going to Nagoya twice to visit with our team and the seminary team. We are exploring different areas where we might church plant next year. Cathalain also has had the opportunity to arrange a couple get togethers with ladies from our church. We are grateful for a change up in schedule and excited to hang out with some new friends. Pray this will be a relaxing two weeks and pray as we independently review areas where we are still weak in our language ability!

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