Happy White Day! – Well, on March 14

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You might be asking what in the world is White Day. Well, ladies start getting excited!

In Japan Valentine’s Day is really a day for women to buy men chocolates. Whether the men are friends, coworkers, or family women are expected to buy chocolates and give them to various men on Valentine’s Day. (Certain chocolates are actually call obligation chocolates because women are expected to give them.)

To westerners the idea of women needing to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day sounds a little strange. The men don’t have to give anything, you might ask. Of course not! For woman the best part comes a month after Valentine’s Day. Men who receive chocolate are expected to give THREE times the amount they received back to the woman (who gave the chocolate) on White Day. White Day is celebrated on March 14, a month after Valentine’s Day, and men can either give chocolates or some other sort of sweet. Some men actually keep spreadsheets to make sure they give the appropriate amount. A small investment from a women can reap amazing rewards in such a short period!

The chocolate company who derived this idea is brilliant. In the newspaper we read the bulk of the chocolate industries business takes place from Jan-March.

Now you know, you too can start celebrating White Day!

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