Driver’s Licenses

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On the mission field it is important to celebrate the smallest of victories. Sometimes these victories can be practical daily living matters like ordering at the drive thru for the first time. In our case this month we both passed our driver’s license test.

This might sound like a silly thing to be excited about, but in all reality in Japan this is a huge triumph. The process is quite bureaucratic and the last part, an actual behind the wheel driving test, normally stumps foreigners. Some of our friends have taken the test 13 times! The average seems to be foreigners at least having to take the test 3 times.

Taking some advice from friends we tried a new location known to be a little less strict, paid for (2) 50 minute behind the wheel practice sessions, and read up on tips of how to pass on the first time. Truly we believe God was gracious and miraculously we both passed on the first attempt. Barely, but a pass is a pass! This is very helpful for us since our international licenses were about to expire and we would no longer been able to drive.

After we passed we celebrated by dinner out and bought the magnet we have to keep on our car warning people we are a first year driver. A great magnet for us!

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