It’s はなび Time!

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Every summer towns all over Japan celebrate with spectacular fireworks displays. Our town is especially know for their 2 hour fireworks show. Over 500,000 people were estimated to attend this year. (Our town has a population of around 400,000.) We went with a Japanese family and thankfully they had the opportunity to join a party at the Sport’s Club where their kids belong. This means we had the best view in the house because we up at least four stories high. The show was fantastic and so was our time of fellowship.

Before the show we were able to walk to the castle in our town. Unfortunately it was closed due to the festival, but we took a few pictures along the way. It was very HOT and HUMID. Reminds us of home! In some of the pictures you can see the women and men dressed in their summer Yukata, or Japanese traditional wear. Our friend told us the design is from Europe though and no longer the Japanese designs.

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