Major Earthquake Rattles N. Japan

We are not sure if the most recent earthquake which happened approximately 3 hours ago will make American news channels, but we wanted to send a quick update in case you do wake up to the news.

There was a 7.1 aftershock/earthquake that hit Northern Japan Saturday night (EST). Originally they anticipated a tsunami of 1 meter but from what we have heard/read there were only very small waves. We did not physically feel the quake in Okazaki and from reports everyone from the Nagoya team is okay. We personally have not heard from the Tokyo MTW team, but usually no news is good news.

Thank you for your continual prays. Please continue to pray for Japan and the hearts of the many Japanese affected by these scary aftershocks. Many of the moms at church expressed great fear to Cathalain as they talked about the most recent quake. Please pray these will be inroads to share the Gospel with so many questioning life right now.

“Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant.” – Psalm 119:76

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