Visas and Aliens

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Yesterday we were able to obtain our three year visa. This is such a blessing because now we can purchase cell phones, open a bank account and much more. The first step after having our new residency status was a trip to the town office. Our goal was to submit paperwork for our alien registration. This might sound like an easy task but in fact is VERY difficult. This morning we both prayed the Lord would provide and we wouldn’t have to go back.

Upon our arrival we were pretty confused. Then Michael ran into another student from language school and PRAISE THE LORD he knew enough Japanese to help translate for us. What a blessing! We were able to register and officially Tobin is the only alien in the family. We have to wait about six weeks before we’re considered aliens!

Thanks for your prayers concerning our visas. This is great news for us and we are so thankful to have this step complete.

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  1. David Flippen

    Hello Cat,
    It is great to read your posts (updates). We are praying for you. Your posts are a help to keep this poor, slothful sinner before the throne of grace with your name on his lips. Praise to our king.

  2. Donna McBride

    Praying regularly for you all – so glad to hear about the visas….. Blessings, strength, health and wisdom for you as you labor for our Lord.

  3. The Carters

    Thanks! We need all the prayers we can get. Thanks for being such an encouragement to us!

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