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Yesterday we had the opportunity to worship at Nisshin Church. What a beautiful picture of the universal church. It was beautiful to stand side by side with our Japanese brothers and sisters and worship our Great God.

Our Next Steps
Very shortly we will be leaving for language school in Okazaki. (This is an hour away from our team in Nagoya.) We are moving into our apartment and will be unpacking. As you can imagine this is a good time as we will be in a place and get to stay!

The Lord has already been paving a way for us and answering many of our prayers about our time in Okazaki. There is a Japanese family who recently arrived back from the United States. We had met them two years ago and so our reunion yesterday at church was sweet. This family has actually moved to Okazaki and are graciously going to show us around. We anticipate starting a Bible Study with this family and some other Christians who are in Okazaki and have not found Christian community. Please pray for ministry opportunities, the Bible Study we hope to begin, for the Lord to open doors with Japanese in Okazaki, and our language learning.

Personal Notes
So far we have acclimated well to Japan. Jet lag was minimal for Michael and I. Tobin has struggled to get on a schedule but is physically feeling much better. Last night we had a team dinner and are so excited about the families we have the opportunity to serve with. The time was filled with food, fun, laughter, stories, prayers and celebration of God’s work. We are excited to serve alongside our team and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is this land where there truly is little to no knowledge of Him! Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragements!

  1. jake gee

    So glad the transition has been great and you can finally focus on being there! We’re praying for you guys. I’m still keeping you at your word to play ‘Settlers’ once we get there!

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