A Partnership in the Making

One of the trucks from the Nisshin Church in Nagoya returned this morning at 5:30am this morning from Kamaishi-Iwate. This city had massive damage from tsunami. Below I have embedded one of the videos from YouTube of residents taping the tsunami hitting the city.

Our team is partnering with New Life Kamaishi Church. This church has only 15 members. How can 15 members possibly reach this city? The Lord knew. The church is the ONLY place in the damaged area of the city with running water. Many many people from the damaged area have descended upon the church for help. With help from agencies including the Nisshin church in Nagoya deliveries are being made, residents being helped, and construction/clean up projects started.

This morning members of five local Nagoya Churches (inter-denominational) met at the Nisshin Church to load the seventh truck sent up north. (The second truck to Kamaishi-Iwate.) Please pray as the truck is traveling and for the members who will be gone for the next five days. Please also pray as the Nagoya team as they work to potentially create a long to partnership with this church!

The Lord is moving throughout Japan. It is amazing the amount of people coming to the churches helping and in need. Many many open doors for the Gospel!

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  1. Michelle (Richter) Minisci

    Cat! This is amazing. God is so great. I am praying for you…and my bible study is also!

  2. The Carters

    THANKS SO MUCH! We need all the prayers we can get!

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