Gospel Choir Concert

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Unfortunately, my Gospel Choir Concert debut was canceled due to rain. We drove out with the Pastor’s family to a town about an hour away for the Cherry Blossom Festival where we were supposed to perform. Unfortunately, because of the … Continued

Michael’s Graduation

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Today Michael has officially graduated from the AIJP at Yamasa!!!!  He completed levels 101-302 which was a total of 1,453 classroom hours.  (This doesn’t include all the studying outside of the classroom!) At graduation all the outgoing students give a … Continued

Shiga Church Visit

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This past weekend we had the privilege of visiting the Shiga Church in Northern Nagoya.  We are looking to partner with this church over the next two years and then plant a church south of this area after returning from … Continued

Dinner with the Young’s

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Every year Bruce and Susan come to Japan around November. Bruce is the team chaplain and is quite an encouragement in the Spiritual Life Department. We are so grateful after 30 years of ministry in Japan they still keep close … Continued

Family News

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For those who aren’t quite reading Japanese the literal translation is, “Belly in baby I have”. This sticker is actually the sticker they give pregnant women in Japan to identify themselves. The idea is to help people around know you … Continued

Preparing for Christ

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Japan is interesting in the fact that even though less then 0.5% are professing Christians they LOVE to celebrate Christmas. The day after Halloween all the stores become filled with Christmas apparel and decorations. I was shocked when I walked … Continued

Carter Ministry Update – July 2011

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The Persecuted Church When Japan ended its isolationist policies and opened the country to foreigners many came to Japan including the first missionaries. During this period Christianity grew and there was a revival happening in the hearts of the Japanese. … Continued