Kyuushuu Kumamoto Earthquake Update

We are safe and did not feel any of the earthquakes from Southern Japan.  MTW is accessing the situation and is partnering with local Presbyterian Churches on collecting supplies and sending an initial team Monday.  Currently our contact in southern Japan is a Baptist church and MTW/PCJ will be doing all our relief work out of that church.  The Japan Presbyterian Church doesn’t have any churches in that area.

A few points of interest:
1. Many in Japan actually live in Southern Japan because it is thought to be the one place where you are safe from earthquakes.  Therefore it was shocking to many to hear the news of such a large earthquake that far south.

2. As always when these events happen it opens the door to Japanese hearts and allows for very very good conversations.  Pray we would be able to share the Gospel and pray for leading in how our church should best support relief efforts.

3. There is great concern about a very large earthquake being predicted for Asia.  For over twenty years Japanese scientists have speculated that our area would be next.  Our friends often bring the subject up after an earthquake occurs.  Pray again that we have opportunities to share the Gospel as people open up about their fear and as they think of the temporal life we all live.

“How to Prayer When Disaster Strikes”

There is an old adage that goes like this, “Well, I guess all that we can do is pray…”  I approach prayer quite a bit differently and perhaps so should you.  Prayer always comes first – before we can even attempt to do our “little bit” we should make sure that we have called in the “big guns”.  I originally wrote this prayer list for the earthquake in Haiti.  If it is helpful in organizing your thoughts feel free to join in and pray with me.

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