Christmas Service/Celebration

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Every year the Sunday before Christmas the church celebrates Christmas. We have traditional worship in the morning. Then we all share a potluck style meal. After the meal we have an additional service that would be compared to Christmas Eve Service in the US. After that we have a fun time of games, music, and a gift exchange.

This year Cathalain won a Nescafe coffee maker. It was by far the best gift and she was little embarrassed by winning, but pretty excited since she NEVER wins anything. The funny thing is she had already bought me a coffee maker for Christmas and I had just opened it the day before! Cosmic timing.

This year we really enjoyed celebrating the birth of Christ with our church. It is a wonderful time with everyone and the worship is very special. This year we also had many Gospel Choir members come because they sang a few times. It was such a great opportunity since most had never been to a worship service before

Pray for all the contacts made this Christmas Season and for us to faithfully follow up with the many people we have met.

Gospel Choir


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