Traditional Christmas Meal

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To help save some energy and planning we decided we would host a “Traditional Christmas Meal” for the adult English classes, cooking class members, sign language class, and moms from Kid’s Club. It was a lot of work trying to arrange a traditional dinner! The hardest part was not cooking for the 40+ people, but more finding all the ingredients for everything and having only one tiny oven. Thanks to our team for lending their slow cookers the meal was able to be made!

Many people helped with the prep and it was a really fun event. Before eating we played “Dirty Santa” and were surprised how much the Japanese got into it. It was hard for most to steal a gift, but after one person, ie Michael, stole a gift they really go into it. Michael was able to share a message about the reason Christ came to earth with the group.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food and fellowship. We are thankful the Lord blessed the event and pray for all who heard the Gospel. Some for the very first time!


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