Kid’s Christmas Part II

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One of the families we are closest with invited us to visit their church for their Kid’s Christmas Celebration.  In the morning we went to worship, after worship had lunch together at Church, and then took part in the Kid’s Christmas celebration.

In many ways it was similar to our church’s celebration.  This church had more elementary aged children come which was wonderful to see.  Once kids enter elementary school many stop coming to the church because school activities keep the kids so busy.  The kids sang praise songs (watch video below for a snippet), watched a Santa like figure make balloons (see picture below for explanation), baked cookies, played games, watched a movie put together by the children at the church of the Christmas Story, and heard a brief message from the Pastor.  It was neat because for many of the children this was the first time they had ever prayed and the Pastor did a great job of explaining and showing how to pray.

This was another wonderful outreach opportunity in our community.  We pray for all the seeds that are being planted during this season to grow in the hearts of these children and their parents.

Learning a Praise Song

Cookie Making


Message from the Pastor

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