Michael’s Graduation

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Today Michael has officially graduated from the AIJP at Yamasa!!!!  He completed levels 101-302 which was a total of 1,453 classroom hours.  (This doesn’t include all the studying outside of the classroom!)

At graduation all the outgoing students give a brief speech and then celebrate with their own classes afterward by eating lunch together.  Michael’s homeroom teacher had been the same for a year, this is quite unique, and this was her last semester teaching at Yamasa. It was quite touching when she gave Michael his certificate because she became quite emotional.

Although neither Michael or I will ever be done with studying Japanese we have both finished our formal language program.  The last three months of our time spent focusing on language will be through many private lessons and focus on studying Christian and religious vocabulary to better fulfill our ministry goals.

Please continue to pray as we continue learning Japanese.  Some days we are quite encouraged while other days we still feel like a little child who so badly wants to understand!

Michael Receiving his Certificate

Picture with his Teacher

Picture with some of his Classmates and other Teachers

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