Kid’s Christmas Outreach – Okazaki Church

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At the church we are currently attending there are many outreaches during the Christmas Season.  This Sunday we had “Kid’s Christmas” after worship in the afternoon.  Over 30+ kids came.  There were more kids than expected so at the last minute church members had to make even more Christmas presents (bags with cookies) for the kids.

The event consisted of singing, praying (many for the first time), playing bells, hearing the true meaning of Christmas (many for the first time), decorating the Christmas tree, a brief visit from Santa, and crepe making and eating.

It was the first time we had been to this event and was interesting for us to see how non Christian and Christians view Christmas in Japan.  Christmas is not a national holiday and most Japanese don’t really celebrate the day by doing anything special.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the church’s to reach out and proclaim the True Meaning of Christmas and the Gospel of Christ.

Please pray for the many children to have seeds planted in their heart and for the many parents who also heard the Gospel proclaimed!

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