Nisshin Christ Church Christmas Dinner

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This year the Nisshin Church decided to put on a Christmas outreach dinner event. The meal was a traditional American Christmas dinner. This might sound easy but rounding up all the ingredients is quite the challenge.

I, C, had the opportunity to go to Costco with our team leaders. Costco is about a 2.5 hour drive so when you go it is time to stock up on many American favorites. We were so excited to find Costco had butterball turkeys! We bought 6 turkeys for the dinner. Many people couldn’t believe how many carts we had (3) of food. They also didn’t know what the Butterball turkeys were. Our team leader’s wife used the opportunity to tell people why we were buying the food and introduced them to the church and Christ. This could very well be the first time some of the people had interacted with Christians! Beyond Costco through various import stores we were able to round up all the other traditional parts including cranberry sauce, ingredients for dressing, pumpkin, etc.

The real trick was cooking the turkeys since we only had 3 American size ovens. (The typical oven is about 1′ x 1′ x 1′.) Some were roasted and others cooked on grills. Thankfully all were cooked and turned out well.

In addition to dinner there was singing of hymns, a presentation of the Gospel, and a Japanese man gave his testimony. Pray for the many who were there and heard the Gospel. Pray for the team to be able to follow up throughout the New Year.


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