Preparing for Christ

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Japan is interesting in the fact that even though less then 0.5% are professing Christians they LOVE to celebrate Christmas. The day after Halloween all the stores become filled with Christmas apparel and decorations. I was shocked when I walked into a local shopping center and Christmas hymns were blaring through the speakers in English. I looked around and realized most people around me had no idea these songs were professing Christ, the Son of God, let alone did these people even know who Jesus Christ is. Then the more I looked around at decorations I realized how Christless the celebration was. There were no mangers or crosses no Bibles or stories about why Christmas is celebrated. The only decorations were Santas, streamers, trees, and flowers. In a way it took the joy out of the Christmas I experienced around me. I realized as I stood in the mall this is the exact reason why we are here. We are here to profess the true meaning behind Christmas and the true meaning behind Easter. We are here to bring hope and joy into the lives of the Japanese by introducing them to Christ, the baby born in a lowly manger, Emmanuel, king of all kings…come lets us adore HIM.

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