Kid’s Gospel Week – 2011

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Kid's Gospel WeekEvery year the Nisshin Church celebrates Kid’s Gospel Week. In some ways it looks like a VBS in America. This year over 170 children attended the final day. Below is an excerpt from a team member’s update and specific ways to pray for this outreach.

Over 170 people attended the final day of our annual Kids Gospel Week! It was an exciting time of interacting and sharing with kids and parents from the community. The gospel was presented each day through teaching, songs, and activities. Close to 30 staff and volunteers worked with kids from ages 3 to 15 years old. A week later, some of the children were still singing to themselves the songs they had learned during the time. For others, the memories go back much farther. One of the older ladies in my Friday neighborhood Bible study remembers earlier times like this. As a young child on her way to school she would walk by a church each day. She was invited to participate in a children’s program and really enjoyed it. She has shared a number of times about her experiences as a child and how she was introduced to the Bible through that local church’s kids program. Those experiences left a favorable impression on her, and she looks back on them even now as she continues to study the Bible with us and as her heart opens further to God’s truth.

Prayer Requests

  1. For the seeds that have been planted for the gospel to blossom and flourish.
  2. For these young children to continue to have opportunities to be involved with God’s Word and God’s people.
  3. For the many parents who came every day of the week and carefully listened and observed. Pray that they would be drawn to Jesus.
  4. For good follow-up and wisdom in continuing to reach out to the precious children God has brought to us.
  5. For our Japanese youth worker Ayumi as she works with the older youth of our church. Please pray for opportunities to be able to build close relationships and that God’s Spirit would foster heartfelt sharing and receiving of His Word.


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