The Shifting Need – Nagoya Team Update

This was taken from our team leader’s blog.

We are so new at this, we have know idea what we are doing–and yet there’s a very real sense of God’s great guiding hand leading us despite the path being so unknown. The reports are all saying that while the need for supplies continues, especially in some places, there is an increasing need for personal ministry to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. So yesterday as we sent off our fifth truck of supplies–this one headed for Ishinomaki, one of the towns swept away by the tsunami–we began planning our sixth, with a shift in focus. We’ve had a great partnership with Hope International–between our supplies and theirs, we have delivered over 10 tons to the region. And now, God has lifted up a new truck source, via our friend Mark Magnusson, a missionary who has a church network and kindergarten (where all five of our kids went!). Mark is jumping in to partner with us. So this Monday we will send two trucks of supplies and one van of people, going to partner with two churches in Iwate Prefecture, one of which is right in the tsunami-stricken area. We’ve decided to send some women on this trip, as the personal ministry side is becoming more important. I will get to be a part of this team, though quite honestly, not without some fear and trepidation. I’m very aware of my lack of true understanding of the horrors and loss these dear people have experienced. Are there any words, any at all, that can touch the depth of their pain?

This too, just as the logistics have been, will be an area where I believe God will do a great work. There are no human words that can reach into the hearts of people to save and comfort them. But God’s word is rich, and empowered by his Spirit, I believe it can be effective. I believe, oh Lord, help my unbelief!

Thank you for praying for each of the 8-10 people who will be on this trip. And for those left here in Nagoya, doing the preparatory work for the next trip, scheduled for this coming Friday.

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