Carter Update – Pre-Departure

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Travel Dates and Visas
We are scheduled to leave for Nagoya, Japan on Tuesday March 29. Our first week will be spent setting up cell phones, insurance, bank accounts, etc. We heard back about our visas early this week from the Japanese office and they needed additional paperwork. Due to the delay, we will travel to Japan on tourist visas but by the time we arrive we should have the documentation we need to receive our long-term visas. This means we will receive our visas in Japan instead of in the U.S. Please pray the paperwork does indeed go through by the time we get there.

Job Responsibilities
We were told from fellow missionaries the only stability in missions in change. We have found this to already be true! Our team still desires for us to start language school. How and where this happens is unknown. There is talk we might change plans and to better help with relief we will attend language school in Tokyo and might even be dorm parents for students at the Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ). This is one of many options the teams have suggested and ultimately we will not know the plan until we arrive. Please pray God would give wisdom to the team leaders in Japan to know how to use us most effectively in the midst of the relief/recovery phase in Japan. Please also pray our hearts to remain flexible as we make many adjustments in our lives!

Lexington Folks
We will be having an open house this Friday from 7-9pm at Paul and Julie Carter’s house. (E-mail for address!) If able please feel free to stop in for some treats and have the opportunity to say goodbye.

Goodbyes and Thanksgiving
We are sad to be saying so many goodbyes but excited to be leaving for the field and continuing in God’s call on our lives. We could never have made it through the itineration phase without your prayers, financial support, encouragement and love. We are so thankful for your partnership and friendship. Thank you for the sacrifices you make on a daily basis to reach the Japanese people for Christ. Please keep us updated on how we can be praying for you specifically! Even if we can’t respond right away know you are in our prayers.

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