Update from Bakelaar Family

This family is part of the Nagoya church planting team. This is their most recent update from Nagoya. Praise God for the universal church!

From Peter…

Fuel is a big challenge right now. We can get the relief trucks to needed areas, but there is no fuel at the final destination . We need to bring fuel for others as well as carry the fuel we need to get back. Trucks are being stocked with supplies but fuel containers are in short supply. Recently a man dropped by our church unexpectedly to offer the assistance of his church. In the course of all the activity, he overheard conversation of our need for containers. Someone was praying as well. He returned the next day with his pastor and 12 fuel containers!! More are on the way. These two men are part of a Brazilian Church network. The pastor’s church alone has over 600 people. God is bringing together a phenomenal team of people and churches! Thank you for your prayers.

Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tanks

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