Nagoya Team – Truck Returns Gearing Up Again (Part 2)

This is an update from Theresa, Tom’s wife, who was part of the Nisshin Church (Nagoya) delivery of goods.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Tom just got back home safely a few minutes ago. The shipment was successfully made and they are all safe. Praise God.

After driving several hours yesterday, they slept on the ground in sleeping bags at a rest area in Ibaraki Prefecture and then traveled on. As they traveled they got a call from our MTW country director saying that they could not go beyond the 50 mile radius from the nuclear plant that the American government has set, according to our sending agency, Mission to the World. One option was to take the load to another place instead, but the Japanese pastor volunteered to drive on alone. So Tom and Wayne waited in a city just outside the 50-mile radius while the Japanese pastor made the delivery. Praise God for safe travels and for getting the supplies to the people desperately waiting there.

Our church is continuing to gather goods for more and more trips. Another truck will go out tomorrow night, this time most likely to one of the places in Sendvimai that was one of the hardest hit by the tsunami. It was very hard to find trucks, but the LORD has provided and we are gearing up for the upcoming trips. More and more people are bringing things to send. People are thrilled to be able to send things. God is using His Church as a ‘city on a hill’ in the community. A couple of camera men from a news station even were there all day yesterday as the truck was prepared to leave. We pray God will use all this for His glory here.

May God continue to bless and have mercy on the desperately hurting people here and strengthen His Church to show glory in beautiful and compassionate ways.

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