Nagoya Team – Truck Returns Gearing Up Again (Part 1)

This is the latest update from Amy, our team leader’s wife. Please continue to pray!

They arrived safely back from their 29 hour journey, and are now preparing for the next trip.  Wayne, and two men from the church will be leaving Saturday evening to go right back to the same location in Iwaki, Fukushima. The needs are overwhelming, and while we have the trucks, we want to send as many out as we can.

This time we don’t have time to gather the supplies to completely fill a truck, and so with one little phone call this morning, I feel like I set off a tsunami of cooperation and partnership.  We will be supplying the truck, drivers, and destination.  Hope International will hold a drive to receive donations at the Nagoya Hilton all day tomorrow.  They are confident that with their extensive network they can easily fill our truck.  They have the connections that lead to supplies, we have the truck and the churches that need help–it’s a great picture of the body of Christ cooperating together.

That’s all for now…more profound thoughts will have to wait for another day.  Working at the church to coordinate everything was as tiring as driving such a long distance must have been…so all the Newsomes are signing off for now.  Thank you for your prayers, our dear friends.

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