Nagoya Team Update 2

This is the latest update from the Nagoya team…

These are the scenes from yesterday…hundreds of donations, both money and things, dozens of people working, a beautiful picture of the body of Christ in action. We have many concerns; we are hearing that people are beginning to evacuate, and we are working on housing for a large number of people right now. We have a church member whose brother is a doctor in Minamisanriku…one of the worst hit areas…and are talking about how we can facilitate getting supplies and possibly even some medical personnel to them.

Nagoya Team Preparing Goods
Nagoya Nisshin Church Preparing Goods

Friends, please pray for us. I find myself bursting into tears at random moments; at times I forget what all of this activity is for, and just feel the exuberance of throwing myself into a task. It’s an emotional roller coaster, and every time I have that thought, my mind and heart go to those millions of people whose emotional roller coaster is a matter of life and death.

Goods at Nisshin Church, Nagoya
Goods at Nisshin Church, Nagoya

Wayne, Tom Wilson and Mamour Otake will leave at some point today on this trip. Their destination may change as they take in all the information coming in–they will make decisions every step along the way. Pray for wisdom for all of that…

We feel the comfort and sustaining grace of Jesus–your prayers are being heard. Thank you. – Amy Newsome

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