Update from MTW Japan Director

Dan, Dedachi and Rich Rainsford are leaving in about an hour to head north to a town named Iwaki, just 30 miles south of Fukushima (sight of the nuclear plant). After much prayer and searching for a place to help, they were able to contact a pastor in Iwaki who has asked them to bring water and gasoline. They have rented and loaded a truck with large tanks of water and about 60 liters of gasoline, along with a room-full of supplies like blankets, coats, boots, food. Their plan is to use back roads to enter some of the coastal areas, distribute all that they are able, establish contact with a few more area churches, then head back tomorrow. If they are able to get through, they are planning for three more people to leave tomorrow with another truckload. Our hope is to focus on these particular communities and continue supporting the recovery and rebuilding efforts long-term.

Tonight is a reconnaissance mission of sorts, borne from a meeting of the CRASH emergency response team of JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association). Several other members are taking trains farther north, renting motorcycles, and hoping to do some recon of the hardest hit areas, then communicate needs back to the team.

Please pray with us. Surely if the LORD has led, He will make a way for the truck and supplies to reach those who need them. We are trusting that the roads will be passable – the pastor has told us that they are, but the Japanese government may not welcome volunteers and have the roads blocked. There is also the imminent danger of a strong (7+) earthquake occurring in the next few days according to seismologists. We continue to experience tremors regularly. There is also the danger of radiation following the release of radioactive steam from the explosion yesterday. Even though the government has said that there is no danger, the levels close to the plant rose to dangerous levels today. We will be having “brown-outs” beginning tomorrow when we will be without electricity for several 4-hour periods.

Worship today was rich and helped us all to focus on our Sovereign, who is our only refuge, strength and ever-present help. He who created the forces of nature dwells with His church and “will help her at the break of day.” We look for Him to be exalted in this nation, in these times, and pray that He who is with us would send us out to that end.(Ps 46)

Thank you for praying!

In His strength,

Carol (for Dan and team)

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