Request from MTW to PCA Churches

This was taken from the MTW Facebook page earlier today.

Urgent Prayer for Japan
by MTW on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 11:42am
The following is going out by email to all PCA churches in hopes it can be included for prayer on Sunday morning:

We write to request urgent prayer for the nation of Japan. You are, no doubt, watching the crisis unfold following the 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake that hit on Friday afternoon local time. We are grateful that our missionaries and their families are safe, but they are also grieving for this country whose people they love. MTW will be working with them in preparing a response, and as soon as that is clear, we will make that information available. Japan is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so we hope our missionaries are getting much needed sleep at this moment. One missionary has said that their family is sleeping in their clothes (as much as sleep is possible) in case they need to flee their homes in the midst of powerful aftershocks.

For prayer:

  • Praise for the safety of all MTW missionaries
  • Love and comfort for grieving families
  • Rescue for those who may be trapped
  • Safety from aftershocks, which have been quite large
  • Shelter for those whose homes are destroyed
  • Wisdom and clarity for MTW regarding our response
  • Restoration of power and communications

Most of all, however, pray this will be an open door for the gospel, that missionaries and national believers will be able to show the love of Christ to those around them. Relationships are critical in Japanese culture, so pray this crisis opens new doors that could make many more relationships possible.

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