The Nagoya Newbies

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This past weekend many of the intinerating Nagoya team members met together for a retreat outside of Asheville, NC. The time was spent with sharing updates, testimonies, hikes, games, music, prayer, worship and lots of other fun activities. This time was so rich for us!

We are encouraged by the “workers” the Lord is raising up for the Nagoya “harvest.” When we began support raising we were the only family joining the Nagoya team. (Only one couple on the team has been there less then 10 years!) For the past two years the Lord continues to call families, couples and singles for his work in Nagoya. As the team grows it is important to start relationship building, praying and building a unifying spirit of reaching the Japanese for Christ.

Satan loves to tear apart teams and often difficult team dynamics is one of the leading reasons missionaries leave the field.

Pray as our team grows the unifying spirit the team currently has would continue. Pray for the Lord to help in building relationships stateside and in Japan. Pray for those still support raising to get to Japan quickly. Pray more missionaries would be called to Japan. Mostly pray all of us would glorify God stateside and in Japan and for the Lord to use us in reaching the Japanese!

Nagoya Team Retreat

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