Carter Ministry Update – February 2011

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All is in God’s Providence
We recently spoke at a Mission’s conference in Athens, GA. At this conference there was a Japanese man presenting about Japan. This was a unique situation in that this Japanese man is not a Christian. In fact, he is training to be a leader in his religion, Tenrikyo, and in preparation for this came to study non-profit management at the University of Georgia. Part of the program involved interning at a local non-profit and in God’s sovereignty he did his internship with Redeemer Presbyterian. As part of the internship he needed to complete a presentation about Japan. Redeemer invited him to share on Saturday night of the mission’s conference. In his presentation, he outlined some of the issues facing Japan such as high depression and suicide rates. The next day, he heard us talk about these same issues but also about how the gospel answers all of these problems. It was certainly a work of God’s providence to have us both there at the same time so we could share with him the message of the gospel through our presentation. He will return to Japan soon where he lives not too far from Nagoya. He desires to keep in touch, as do we, and we look forward to the opportunity to build on the teaching he is receiving at Redeemer right now. Please pray this man would come to saving faith and become a leader in the Christian church in Japan!

Traveling Across the US
Thank you for your prayers for our travels and for the last of our support to come in. We are home in Lexington, VA after a month long trip across the United States. While in Lakeland, FL, we were able to speak to a few mission committees as well see many of our friends and say goodbye. In Phoenix, a church partnered with our ministry which brought our remaining need down to 7%.

On Friday, we leave again for a trip through North Carolina. We hope at the end of February to have 100% of our budget pledged so we can purchase tickets for Japan and leave mid-March. Please pray for our visas (in process), safe travel, and the remaining $700/month needed to be pledged.

Many Thanks
We want to thank all of you who participated in the fish fry at Covenant Presbyterian in Lakeland. One youth member auctioned  to have his hair cut any way the winner desired. This alone brought in $70+! (See pictures below.)  After expenses we were able to raise approximately $4,500. This is a huge help in getting us to the field and we are very appreciative of all who participated and attended. This alone brought in $70+! Wow, what a crazy haircut.

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