Carter Ministry Update – January 2011

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On the Mission Front…

We continue to be encouraged by the stories from our teammates in Japan about how God is working there in the lives of the Japanese. There continue to be baptisms and people who come to outreach events and hear the gospel for the first time. There are also stories such as the one about Mrs. T. She grew up as a pastor’s daughter yet had many reservations and hang-ups about the church. Her daughter began attending church on her own which greatly upset Mrs. T when she found out. However, she came with her daughter to church one Sunday and experienced something far different than what she expected. God was working in her heart and she began visiting church off and on. She has since began attending our English language outreach and recently asked if she could join a small group. This is exciting because the seeds  sown many years ago are beginning to bear fruit and we see the working of God’s covenant promises in Mrs. T. Having second or third generation Christians in Japan is so rare and it is great to see God fulfilling his covenant promises for His children.

On the Home Front…

We are continuing to finish our support raising in preparation for our departure to Japan in mid-March. On Monday, we will be leaving for a lengthy time of travel to attend missions conferences, speak at churches and visit friends/family.  Below is our tentative itinerary from now until we hope to leave for Japan in March. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. Pray for safety and the ability to effectively share God’s mission in Japan. Pray also that the Lord would provide the final 10% of our needed support. A

Note to All of Our Lakeland Friends…

If you will be in town on January 21, please attend the Covenant Youth Fish Fry/Silent auction at Covenant Presbyterian. There will be any items up for auction including all of the youth who you can bid on to do those chores you’ve been putting off or any other task you would like them to do. All proceeds will go to support our ministry. Tickets are available in advance from the Covenant Presbyterian church office, (863) 646-9631, or at the door. Tickets cost $7 for adults and $5 for children (hot dogs available for children). The event begins at 5:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

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