Carter Update – Fall 2009

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One of the goals of our team in Japan is the growth of the church. This is done primarily through consistent word and deed ministry. Cathalain and I thought we would take a more organic approach. Therefore, we are working on growing the church by having our first child in early May! Although this will make travel and preparations for the field much more interesting, we are very excited to be starting a family and are very thankful to God for such a wonderful blessing.  Please pray for our child!

Aside from learning all sorts of new things about pregnancies, we have also been busy traveling and speaking to churches. We were back up in Virginia two weekends ago where Cathalain was leading a workshop for high school students at a conference in Harrisonburg and we both spoke about our ministry to Tabernacle Presbyterian in Waynesboro. There were several connections to Japan through the church so it was neat for us to share our ministry with them and to hear how they were connected with the ministry in Japan.

Our Virginia trip was book-ended by speaking to churches in Florida. We had the opportunity to visit with Grace Presbyterian in Arcadia once again. This church is one of our partnering churches and we were able to share more in depth about our ministry to the Japanese. We were also blessed to be able to share with a PCA mission church in North Florida last weekend.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers as we continue to support raise! Although it has been slow going recently, we are nearing 50%. We are so grateful for the increase our home church, Covenant Lakeland, committed to giving.  What an encouragement!  We have been busy traveling these past several weeks, so please pray that we will continue to have churches to visit. Also, please pray for Cathalain’s pregnancy as she teaches and travels with me while dealing with all of the uncomfortable aspects of being pregnant.

If you know of any connections to churches or individuals who might be interested in partnering with us please shoot me an e-mail!  We appreciate all the assistance we can get!

Many Blessings,

Michael and Cathalain Carter

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you O Lord; they will bring glory to your name!” Psalm 86:9

Please Continue Praying

  • Pray the Lord would open doors at churches and we would continue to build church partnerships. Pray also as we talk to small groups in Lakeland that people would desire to partner with our ministry.
  • Pray for our child, that truly there would never be a day where our child does not call upon Jesus as Savior!
  • Pray for the ministry occurring in Nagoya, Japan right now.  Pray for hearts to be softened to the message of Christ being proclaimed at all the area churches!

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