Break In Response 2 of 2

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Many have asked us to send our response to the break-in that occurred at our home on July 4th.  This is the second e-mail we sent out on July 7, 2009.

Thank you to all our friends and family for praying for us over the last few days.  God is a gracious God and we have been immensely blessed by him and through our wonderful community who have provided meals, assistance, and most importantly prayers!  Thank you to all of you.

I arrived home yesterday from Virginia and was nervous about what the evening would look and feel like.  I think God has given both Michael and I so much peace over the situation and hearts of thankfulness…trust me we would never have this on our own.  Today has been extremely difficult as we’ve gone around to pawn shops giving them a list of unique jewelry that might come their way, working with our internet service company to restore the equipment, and replacing necessary items for the house.  It is tedious and our lack of patience is revealing quite a bit of our own sin.

A wonderful blessing that happened an hour after I sent the last e-mail was the discovery of Michael’s laptop and my watches.  Michael was taking pictures of everything and saw a cord hanging out of a laundry bag by the door in the back room next to the door.  The police and he had missed this the night before and here it is late Sunday afternoon and he discovers yet again a wonderful treasure.  (We use his computer the most and it has all of our everyday files…including MTW stuff.)

If anymore information comes about we will update everyone, but I imagine it will mostly be putting our home in order and working with our insurance company…who has been excellent.

Please do continue to pray as Michael and I try to work through the fear and violation of this situation.  Both of us have struggled sleeping and seem to be much more on “edge.”  Pray we would acknowledge the fear, but also not be slaves to fear and remember that the Lord casts out all fears… that we would understand and reflect upon how he is still and has always been in TOTAL control and rules over all that happens.  Pray we find our home inventory.  I am so detailed and have everything beautifully documented with photographs but can’t find where I put it. (Typical me…unfortunately :))  Prayer for Michael as I am away next week with the youth on the road trip.  As mentioned before please continue to pray for those who broke into our home…that they would come to know Christ’s forgiveness as Michael and I have been blessed to know.

Thanks again for all of your support and kindness.  We are blessed to be in such a loving community of believers who are advocating to the very throne of God on our behalf!  Thanks be to Him!

Cathalain Carter (for Michael too!)

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