Speaking at Home

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This weekend we will be participating in Covenant Presbyterian’s Mission Conference.  (This is the church where we are members and currently attend.)  The visiting missionaries are as follows:

David and Eleanor Fiol – MTW India
Andrew Lamb – MTW Atlanta
Richard and Robyn Cranes – MTW/MINTS – Miami
Esaie and Natacha Etienne – MTW Haiti
Michael and Cathalain Carter – MTW Japan (That’s Us!)

We will be speaking to the kiddos at 9:00am Saturday (3/21/09) morning and at 11am to the entire group.  In the evening we will be speaking to youth in the church at 7pm.  If you are interested in attending the conference the cost is $3, which includes a brunch on Saturday morning.  Please contact Covenant for more information.

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